I’m sitting here overlooking the bay from our hotel room in Kota Kinabalu as a tropical storm sets in. We’ve come to Malaysia and Borneo to celebrate 30 years of marriage.

Im not sure where the years have gone. Mostly they have been great years and we’ve mostly enjoyed each other’s company – we still do and get on well most of the time. Sure we’ve had our differences and limerence magnified those and also rewrote a lot of our history.

Im glad we both stuck out my limerence, we both did our emotional growing up and still continue to do so.

So many positives still come from the experience especially the couples work we do together. So many of the people we work with are in limerence and both our experiences (plus SO’s experience of limerence when we first met over an ex) allows us to have more empathy. And its good to know others continue to get help from this site.

I notice how i enjoy life more, living more in the moment. Ive always loved travelling and visiting new places feels even more of an experience now ive learned to be more connected.

To finish – last night’s sunset – a stunner.


David qualified as a Medical Doctor (GMC number 2941565) in 1984 from St. Thomas’ hospital, London. He obtained his GP and family planning certification. In 1999 he left medicine to set up docleaf, a leading Crisis Management and Trauma Psychology Consultancy. He has experience as a hypnotherapist and holds a postgraduate diploma in psychotherapy and counselling from the Centre of Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in London and is currently studying for an advance diploma in executive coaching.

David spends part of his time as an executive coach and running docleaf leadership which works with CEO’s and other C suite leaders in helping them develop and grow.

David has written extensively about limerence, sex and love addiction as well as trauma and PTSD. His interest in romantic relationships led him to set up www.limerence.net, a support forum to help those impacted by this debilitating condition.

David is passionate about men’s work and his mission in life is to help people become more conscious by teaching and helping others and continuing his own self-development. He is actively involved in volunteering with the ManKind Project charity which helps men live their lives with more integrity, honesty and taking more personal responsibility.

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