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We are David and Ruth Perl and we help couples re-build their relationships and learn how to create fulfilling partnerships. 

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Welcome to LoveRelations. 

We are Dr. David and Ruth Perl. We are relationship coaches, couple’s counsellors, affair recovery experts dealing with all couples issues. What sets us apart is we work as a couple with couples.

Our experience and expertise comes from our professional training as coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists.  David is also a qualified doctor and we bring learning from our own 3o year marriage to you as to what works and what doesn’t.

We are unique in that we work as a couple with couples so that there is no bias to one person and you gain from both a man’s and woman’s perspective.

You will gain from the many ways we work to help you which includes, coaching, teaching, therapy and giving you tools. 

LoveRelations helps those seeking to rebuild trust , intimacy and connection in their relationships

We see clients both in person at our therapy centre just north of London between Watford and St. Albans and also on-line. For details of our location, click here.

If you are impacted by limerence, please check out our partner site at www.limerence.net

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Some of our client feedback

Therapy…. I don’t need it. That was my belief – everything was ok. Don’t get me wrong I support mental well being to the fullest and have always done so with my work and friends and family.. just didn’t think I needed it.. Couldn’t have been more wrong..
I came to an inflection point in my life where a lot was on the table, lost my father tragically, been through a few major life events and was struggling with relationships around me.. I tried seeing a therapist and it just didn’t work and I almost called it a day until I met David. Initially sceptical I went for an exploratory meeting and signed up..
I have worked with David for a good 18 months before we tapered off.. I tried to quit a couple of times in the 18 months due to feeling I could manage or not wanting to face the difficulties of the conversations and I am glad I didn’t – there was so much more to learn on this journey.
I stuck the course and can say with absolute confidence David has helped change my life for the better in every sense. His mastery of psychotherapy and archetypes, shadow work and knowledge have been invaluable to raising my awareness, learning about myself, my past, shadows etc.. it’s been a journey of self discovery that is helping me unlock potential I didn’t even know was possible.. if the one thing I could take from this was to be a better father then it’s worked in spades, I understand my daughter so much better and feel like a better parent.. but that was just one aspect / in all aspects I feel I am living or least trying to live a more true and genuine existence…. it brings with it an inner peace that is to be treasured.
This is not a fix it solution though… there is a lot of hard work and self reflection and it’s uncomfortable and David is amazing at showing you a map and as Carl Jung put it… ‘ until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate ‘. Apart from being an absolute master at helping you navigate through yourself, he also happens to be an amazing human with loads of empathy and a big heart and I will be forever grateful. Thank you David 🙏🏽
Ishpal Bansal
Working with David and Ruth has been life changing. They have both made such a huge contributions to mine and my wife’s lives and in turn, that of our children’s lives.
My wife and I started seeing David and Ruth as a couple and then sought individual therapy (my wife through Ruth and myself through David). My work with David put me on a new path in life, one with a lot of love and hope.
If you’re looking for someone to having a weekly check in with, David is not your man. He will observe and challenge you in ways you’ve never known. His direct nature is precisely what I was looking for. His extensive experience and knowledge left me willing to trust his direction. I know my wife echos similar sentiments about Ruth through their work together.
I thoroughly recommend David and Ruth both as couple therapists, but also on a one-to-one basis.
Thank you D&R.
Alastair Bratt
I have worked with David (and to a lesser extent Ruth) for roughly 6 months and they have both been amazing and helped me to make some powerful changes to my life.
David has shown me how to ‘wake up’, look within, become honest and authentic and meet my needs without the need to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms that had caused harm and damage in the past.
I have previously worked with counsellors and a hypnotherapist, but none of them did much more than scratch the surface. David is not afraid of getting to the root of the problems (even though this can feel challenging in the early stages of therapy) and has worked with me to help rip the roots out of the ground.
These days I am way happier than ever and feel as though I am improving all the time with continued self-development.
David has become a mentor, role model and a father figure (that I never had in my life) – on top of that, he is a brilliant therapist.
Thank you both – you have changed my life for the better!
Simon Chappel