Im releasing my limerence was a great proving ground in how to deal with narcissists. It was also a great distraction from dealing with the origins of my limerence. What I learned from my LE, especially about the drama triangle, is now being tested at a deeper level as i start to have more honest conversations with my dad (posted elsewhere here) and how he and my 3 sisters continue to try and use the drama triangle to get their narcissistic supply.

Going NC from LO was a piece of cake compared to the next challenge i face. LO was a fantasy. My dad and 3 sisters are not fantasies. Whilst going NC with narcs seems to be the perceived wisdom, i can’t help feeling that this will limit the opportunities for me to build better connections with my father and work on my attachment wounds.

And yet with their lack of self awareness, it’s proving a huge challenge to not just once again walk away from the crazy making ways of my entire FOO that leave me somatizing and feeling discombobulated.


David qualified as a Medical Doctor (GMC number 2941565) in 1984 from St. Thomas’ hospital, London. He obtained his GP and family planning certification. In 1999 he left medicine to set up docleaf, a leading Crisis Management and Trauma Psychology Consultancy. He has experience as a hypnotherapist and holds a postgraduate diploma in psychotherapy and counselling from the Centre of Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in London and is currently studying for an advance diploma in executive coaching.

David spends part of his time as an executive coach and running docleaf leadership which works with CEO’s and other C suite leaders in helping them develop and grow.

David has written extensively about limerence, sex and love addiction as well as trauma and PTSD. His interest in romantic relationships led him to set up, a support forum to help those impacted by this debilitating condition.

David is passionate about men’s work and his mission in life is to help people become more conscious by teaching and helping others and continuing his own self-development. He is actively involved in volunteering with the ManKind Project charity which helps men live their lives with more integrity, honesty and taking more personal responsibility.

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