Why work with us

We draw on our own marriage as well as our our professional training as coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists to help you understand your relationship.

We are working both in-person from our own dedicated private and discreet therapy centre a few miles north of London and also on-line.

What makes our services unique is that we we work as a couple with you and your partner, giving you both a man’s and a woman’s perspective.

Not only do we work as a couple, but we can also work with you individually on a one-to-one basis to help you overcome your struggles.

  • You will get a sense of how we work.
  • It will allow you to see if the fit is right for you.
  • In your session we listen to your issues and give you honest feedback.
  • We always work as a couple with couples.

You will gain from both our experiences.

We have been through our own marital challenges and apply what we know works to our clients.

There is no bias to one gender, as a male therapist can never fully appreciate the feminine perspective, and equally a female therapist can never fully appreciate the masculine perspective.

We model what a conscious and healthy relationship looks like.

Use the link below to access our availability.

You can come to our therapy centre or we can see you online.

If you wish to cancel your session, please inform us with 48 hours notice and you will be refunded your fee less 3% card transaction fee.